Saturday, July 28, 2007


De acordo com o Comic-Con, "A Descida", uma das mais interessantes e surpreendentes obras de terror-fantástico dos últimos anos, vencedora de inúmeros prémios e rodeada por um certo culto, poderá ter uma sequela. Quem aborda essa possibilidade é o próprio realizador, o britânico Neil Marshall, a propósito da estreia do seu novo filme, Doomsday. Só é lamentável que o talentoso cineasta não vá escrever nem dirigir esta continuação.

"Over breakfast talking about his upcoming Road Warrior-esque thriller Doomsday, director Neil Marshall and touched on The De2cent, the upcoming sequel from Celador Films and producer Christian Colson that recently grabbed web headlines over its title.Turns out, the moniker is correct and Marshall is overseeing the follow-up's progress in some capacity - call it quality control.

He will not write or direct, but he does have an open line of communication with the producers. "I've got a few story ideas, they've got a few story ideas and we're just throwing them into the mix," he tells us.One possible direction being mulled over is to pick up with Shauna Macdonald's "Sarah," that is, if she didn't croak at the end of the first film. "Shauna just had a baby so she's not gonna be ready to film for a bit," Marshall adds, then, "['De2cent'] is a ways off."

But there is palpable interest coming from his former leading lady. "She wants to continue the journey a bit more. As far as I'm concerned, there's only one way to take her character, she has to die. If we didn't kill her at the end of the first film, we have to kill her at the end of the second one," Marshall laughs. "So, I don't know - I don't know where we stand yet."

Entretanto, o thriller futurista "Doomsday" já tem o seu próprio site. Basta clicar aqui. E, para quem não viu "A Descida", espreite o trailer.


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